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730 students embarked on an adventure during their summer that could quite possibly change their lives. Out of the 1,634 teenagers who were a part of the study, one-fifth of the teenagers had already been arrested and most of them were from lower income families. It was also mentioned in the article that the youth who were offered jobs had been arrested 43 percent fewer times than their peers. Sara Heller was in charge of this study called One Summer Plus taking place at the University of Pennsylvania. For these teenagers it truly was a plus to not only their summer, but for their life. Out of any good study should come many success stories and they are usually because someone did something right. This program started off with every 10 teenagers receiving a mentor. Those mentors could definitely be a part of the success. From personal experience I believe it is important to have someone older than you to guide you throughout life. While the teenagers were in…show more content…
One Summer Plus made impacts on the teenagers who were present for the study. Even if it does not show up in the statistics, these kids were taught responsibility and how to resolve conflict. They will be able to use that for the rest of their life. I believe that it was more than just the summer jobs, but the people who put the program together should be credited for the success that comes from One Summer Plus. But, I ultimately believe that this study succeeded because of this, "Lots of people will write off teenagers, especially if they 've already gotten in trouble with the law," Diaz goes on to say, "We don 't give up on any child." That is why One Summer Plus had any success stories, because they did not give up on those kids. Sometimes it just takes one person to realize that a kid needs some attention and that child will forever be

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