One Survivor Remembers Analysis

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One Survivor Remembers gives us a new perspective and view of one of our world’s biggest tragedies in history; The Holocaust. Most people have heard the history lessons behind the Holocaust and all the details pertaining to what happening during the terrific event, but not many have actually heard the story from a real person, who actually suffered during the time and experienced all the horrible situations that took place during the time. In One Survivor Remembers; a short film by Kary Antholis, Gerda Weissmann Klein tells us about her six-year ordeal as a victim of the terrific events that took place in the the Holocaust. This story told by Gerda Weissmann Klein really opened my eyes and put an emotional story behind the Holocaust. In my opinion, I believe this film was very interesting to watch and many different things done by the creators of this film really helped show bring Gerda’s story to live in the minds of all the viewers. Before diving into the film itself, we can visit discuss about the film’s creator; Kary Antholis. Kary won an Academy Award and an Emmy for this film he made. This HBO production was not in theaters or advertised about much, so to win two major…show more content…
When watching the film, I could visualize her story inside my head and only imagine what things were like for her and her family during this time. She lost her parents, friends, and everything she had as a child. All she has left are the memories of the ones she loved. This isn't really a movie most people would just go out and buy or rent to watch for fun because a lot of people do not find interest in a real-life story told about a tragic experience in the Holocaust. I would recommend this film for those interested in history because they will enjoy it a lot more than others, but I do also believe if others were told about it they would consider watching it as
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