One Thousand And One Nights Analysis

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There is no use denying the fact that literature has always been an integral part of human society, going along with it and promoting the development of various qualities and values, such as spirituality, moral, honesty etc. It helped various people to express their feelings and emotions and share their thoughts with the next generations. Nevertheless, each period of time could be characterized by a certain approach to literature, writing style and has unique contribution it made to the development of the world literature. Thus, thousands years of evolution resulted in the appearance of various genres and stylistic devices used by the authors to underline the importance of some events. Thus, every culture has its own vision of literature…show more content…
Having discovered the fact that his brother`s wife cheats him and that his own wife is unfaithful to, he makes the conclusion that all women are the same and prepares a severe punishment for them (Pucner et al 312). After the night with a woman, he kills her, providing punishment for all representatives of their kind. However, Scheherazade, the vizier`s daughter manages to avoid punishment, telling various stories every night. The given manner of the organization of the book helps to introduce new lines and to arose interest in…show more content…
It has already been stated that the work has a framed structure with one main frame story. However, it should also be said that story within story technique is also used in the given masterpiece. This tool is used in the early Indian literature, however, in Nights it is improved. Usually, stories are narrated by Scheherazade, however, sometimes there is the narrator who present some another story within her presentation. For example, this pattern is used in the story The Tale of the Merchant and His Wife. Being presented by Scheherazade, Sinbad at the same time presents seven stories from his own point of view (Pucner et al 354), turning into the narrator. The same pattern is used in The Seven Viziers and some other
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