One Who Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Character Analysis Essay

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To make a story interesting, the characters have a complex personality and change as the book progresses. People like seeing how the character they come to love gets through the problem and how they change to solve it. Though sometimes the change is slow, subtle hints imply transformation occurs. In Ken Kesey’s, One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, the main character—Chief Bromden—is known for being deaf and dumb. However his disability is only a façade, and soon he breaks out of his shell thanks to a new member of the mental institute McMurphy. Chief did so to protect himself, in Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Johanna Manson is a victor from District 7 and to protect herself, she acted weak before her games making everyone believe she was not a threat. Chief Bromden believed himself a weak individual compared to everyone else in the story, but soon develops into someone who believes in himself; while Johanna knew she was strong but hid it to survive longer. Chief is known for his tall stature and his intimidating features, however even though he looks like he could be a warrior, Chief acts more like a frightened kitten. When he sees Nurse Ratchet at the beginning of the book, “I hide in the mop closet and listen, my heart beating in the dark, and I try to keep from getting scared, try to get my thoughts off someplace else”…show more content…
Chief never spoke until the end of the novel after completely transforming from the quiet half Indian to the bold half Indian. Johanna on the other hand, was always fierce and could fight. But she could not show that side of her personality because it would mark her as a target and mostly get her killed. As the plot progresses, however Chief grows out of his act becoming more of his own person, while Johanna shocked everyone by doing a complete one-eighty and showing her true colors as a fierce, merciless axe
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