One's Ability To Love In Frankenstein

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One’s Ability to Love “The picture I present to you is peaceful and human…” (Shelley, 120) Mary Shelley’s Creature says this as he asks Victor Frankenstein for a mate. The Creature is pleading his case for someone he can give his love to. Someone that can give him love in return. What makes a human, a human? Is it body shape and facial features that make us human? Or maybe it’s the way we smile and want when a baby is near. Within Rossum’s Universal Robots and Frankenstein, both texts seem to agree that the ability to love and the want to love, along with the idea of human suffering is what makes a human, a human. In the book, Frankenstein, the Creature is in constant need of love and attention and this in turn makes him human. Within the Creature’s first waking minutes he is already trying to find love and comfort in Victor Frankenstein without realizing what this is. The Creature realizes he will be denied this love and comfort, and goes in search of a new source. Soon he stumbles across the De Lacy family and comes to the idea of what love truly is. Watching the De Lacy family has helped mold his perceptions of what love is, and how everyone should receive this love. The De Lacy family had absolutely…show more content…
Without suffering humans would not know the joy of love. Humans would not be able to appreciate what is in front of them and learn to love what is there. A prime example of this is throughout the book of Frankenstein. The Creature has suffered immensely. He is driven away by his creator, named an outcast, and denies love from every outlet he can get. This is all driven by his looks. He is considered too ugly and a monster by normal everyday society. The Creature finally comes to terms with his suffering when Victor Frankenstein dies. He has realized that what is in front of him could have been great if he had not attacked and killed so many. Through his suffering he was taught to
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