Online Advertising Significance

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Role and Significance of Online Advertising With Reference To India

Shilpi Pal2
Online Advertising is one of the best ways to promote and attract more customers these days as people are now interconnected globally through technological frame. Organizations are able to attract customer attention easily with the help of Online advertising which appears on internet websites in the form of social media site, pop-ups, Banner advertisement, etc. This Paper highlights not only the acceptance of online advertisement to the consumer but also the profit maximization through per click to the organizations and how organization can maintain huge digital database and electronic customer relationship management (ECRM). It is the one
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• Advertisers are also getting good hits and profits through online marketing along with lower operation cost.
• Companies are getting huge database and they are able to maintain customer relationship management through electronic i.e. ECRM.
• People are getting huge benefits like great offers, huge discounts, delivery at time, no transportation expenses, can explore many things at one place and time, users stay updated , 24/7 facilities,
After the research I would suggest the following things for online advertising-
Online Advertiser must sure about the right website or social media site as some may do fraudulence on behalf of company ownership so the advertiser can do this by opting simple log out / log in option for safety side as no one can steal their data. Advertiser can boost their growth by defining their target market on the basis of data collected through database which may maintain on the basis of click on his ad and send the requirement through e- mail or on user social media webpage and if customer has disclose his number advertiser can send link and some good offers for their promotional activities. An e-mail advertisement also can be sent with ads detail or a URL link to download the related product catalogue and to know the detail about the product features. Advertisers also design rich multimedia so that they easily attract
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As consumer has strong belief on Google they know they will provide authentic information so the consumer easily switch to ad content and draw direct interest on that. Online Advertiser can Make You Tube Videos which is very effective online tool where one can market their business globally. Through video advertiser can feature product detail and share own thoughts but only need to be focused with your advertise and create a positive effect on

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