Online Advertising Vs Traditional Advertising

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Every company and brand will wish for growth and development of a strong customer base. The input to attain this goal lies in promotion and advertisement. There are many methods available to advertise a product, which includes both traditional ways of marketing and modern ways. In some circumstances, modern ways are vital in getting in touch with target customers, but at the same time traditional ways also have their own benefits.
According to Higuera (2014), the method of advertising, endorsement or promotion which the company is using for many years, and has been proved to be a great success is known as traditional marketing. Types of traditional advertisement can be newsletters, newspaper and magazine ads, flyers, billboards etc. which comes under print advertisements. Other types of advertisements are commercials on television and also advertisements on FM radio advertising a business, service or a product.
The different types of advertising strategies and methods which are used through the use of the World Wide Web are known as online advertising or online marketing. Online advertising includes advertising through emails, use of social media, interactive advertising, advertising on websites etc. Businesses nowadays are looking for more opportunities through which they can advertise their business, services and products through the use of internet (Armon, 2012).
Online advertising has proved to have more advantages when compared to traditional marketing strategies.
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