Online Communication Effects

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Danah Boyd said, “Most teens aren’t addicted to social media; if anything, they are addicted to each other.” Everyone wants a way to communicate with each other, even thousands of miles away. Social media has found a way to connect people with the world around them, and to present joy when knowing that others care and love them, even if they are not right there next to them. Since the internet has appeared, it has benefited our lives, making our tasks easier and our worries smaller when it comes to communication. Online communication makes it easier to express feelings personally or publically without fear. Some people, who are uncomfortable speaking in front of crowds, large or small, have an easier way to make a speech, whether they are…show more content…
This way, they can still communicate, whether they are five houses down or on the other side of the world. Online communication strengthens bonds between people, so that they can still talk without frustrations or uncomfort.Aldiyar stated that online communication strengthens relationships. People never have to lose touch with old friends, because they have access to talk to them from wherever they are. Once people have a contact of a friend in their phone, they never lose their way of communicating with them. This is because they can call or message others without the hassle of driving to their house to have a conversation. It is especially hard when they are not old enough to drive, and have to beg their parents to take them. This is also effective in emergencies, when people need phones to contact police. In addition, online communication can help people build physical relationships, because they tend to share more personal information there. says, “It is also a good place to meet your next partner and, in fact, this aspect has increased so much that between 2005 and 2012, 35% of the couples marrying in the US had met online. Likewise, divorces and separations are lower for those people who met their spouse through the internet.” This means that people build relationships that will hold together longer if they meet on the internet. The other point that they stated was about divorces, which also proves that online communication is a better road to choose. People also need to know where their family or friends are sometimes. This is important especially in an emergency. Online communication is also quick, and if they need to send a message fast, it is again the best choice. claims, “An Internet connection provides a channel for deepening human connections across the globe. Staying in touch with your kid in college or your family on another continent is a snap with
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