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Online dating is a very, popular way to meet individuals that share similar interests and values as yourself. If you don 't have time to get out and meet new people, then online dating may be a good option for you. Like any new adventure, there can be risks involved. To ensure your online dating experiences are enjoyable, a few tips are listed below for your safety. These guidelines should increase your awareness and safety while dating online and meeting new people. 1. Take things slow. While emailing back and forth or chatting via instant messenger, take time to get to know the person and ask as many detailed questions as possible. Do not be in a rush to give your phone number out after just a few chats. Be patient and find out as much information…show more content…
2. Give out a cell number once you feel comfortable enough to speak on the phone. You will be able to learn more about a person 's personality, social and communication skills once you begin chatting on the phone. If you begin to have any bad feelings about the person at anytime, it will be easier to change a cell number and much safer since they are not listed. Make sure to learn as much as you can about the person before meeting in person. Once again have patience and enjoy getting to know each other better. 3. Choose to meet in a safe, public place when meeting in person. Meeting in a restaurant during your lunch hour would be ideal. Make sure the place is busy during the time you meet and tell a family member or friend where you are going to meet and what time you plan on leaving. Give that person your date 's full name and contact information, such as a cell and home phone number. 4. Never allow your date to pick you up from home or work. Take your own transportation and make sure you leave alone. If you are a woman, you may not want to go home directly. You could stop by a friend 's house or do an errand before heading to your residence. Online dating can be a wonderful experience, so do not be scared by these…show more content…
Do you ever find yourself habitually attracted to bad boys or men that are not right for you? You vow next time will be different only to find yourself a month later sitting across from the same person you just left. Sure, the faces and names have changed, but somehow you have fallen into a dating rut - dating the same type of person over and over again. How can you prevent yourself from repeating the same unconscious relationship patterns? Here are four tips to escape dating déjà vu, and start attracting healthier and happier relationships. Commit to emotional housecleaning. The only surefire way to prevent Mr. Wrong from taking up residence in your life is to clean house. Start working on unresolved issues either through journaling, or by writing a letter to someone who has hurt you in the past. Write out all those gut wrenching experiences and how they made you feel. Then destroy the pieces of paper, which will signal to the universe that pain no longer has a place in your life. Finally, forgive. You cannot move forward if you are still holding grudges. Even though this person may have wronged you, it 's better to be healed than to be right. Practice self love. Since we attract who we are, invite loving relationships into your life by living a life full of love - starting from within. Often times we expect others to love us, when we aren 't even kind to ourselves. We complain about our chunky thighs or our not so flat stomachs when we should be

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