Online Dating Vs Offline Dating

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The article compares online dating to offline dating. It provides the costs and benefits of both dating models. The first premise is that both online dating and offline dating practices have pros and cons. The second premise of the argument is that there is no one-size fit for all dating practice between online and offline dating. She concludes that single people should try both models, because, at the end of the day, the goals of online dating are meeting the person in real life. The conclusion implies that one dating practice leads to the other (Spira, October 10, 2013).
As Spira (October 10, 2013) puts it, the question of whether online dating is better than offline dating is common. I am also curious to know the best way to meet someone.
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Spira gets this fact from most of her clients who come for dating advice. The source is from a primary source, thereof. The second argument is that people need to try both online and offline dating. Spira is a counselor specializing on online dating. Her opinion is the only source of this argument. She develops a pros and cons argument which shows that both models have their strengths and weaknesses, and the development of the argument from the opinion can be trusted. This argument too is from a primary source that can be trust, though with caution. This is because there is no research, and professionals are also subjected to bias due to their human nature (Spira, October 10,…show more content…
She considers the pros to show that it is recommendable. Some of the pros include developing trust, having mutual friends, noticing the level of chemistry, and evaluating the level of commitment. She also brings in the logic of having moderation while trusting offline dating through discussing some cons. These cons include; not being sure if someone is interested in you or the romantic encounters, being shy to ask anything in a one on one encounter, and being restricted to one’s social circle and geographical area. This logic developed through the pros and cons caution one that offline dating is good, but should be done with moderation as well (Spira, October 10, 2013).
There is one gap that is left unanswered. Spira recommends the use of both online dating and offline dating. These two practices are mutually exclusive in the sense that one can meet a person out there, or be talking with them online. She should research and recommend a best practice, for instance, if one should try to meet people online, and then propose an offline date, or meet people offline and propose to take their relationship online if they are not living in close proximity (Spira, October 10,
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