Online Disinhibition In Catfish: The TV Show

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Have you ever read the comment section of news stories on There is a strong presence of disinhibition in the comment section due the fact that communication allows for an anonymous nature that can provide in some cases a less civil society. One might believe civilized disclosure is not as important as freedom of expression. Common knowledge dictates that people are more aggressive, intense and forthright when posting messages online and state things they would do in person. This is because they feel anonymous and can act as rude as they like without immediate effect of consequence. ()This creates allows the lack of civil online society, that we will explore throughout the report()
Years ago civil discourse only arose when stated
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It is a reality based documentary about online dating and lies people tell online that is totally different than the actual person they are. Online “catfishing” is someone who pretends to be someone that are not by using social media to create a false identity to deceive other into a sense of romance. These created profiles of deception can get elaborate with the use of fake photos, biographies and can be support by fictitious networks. The T.V. series follows a guy call Nev, who meet people who are ready to extend their relationship to a more in person level or if some suspect they are being fooled by the person online. Nev will setup meetings with the individual and the show revolves around the uncivil discourse that ensure. This show can be unpredictable because people portray somebody who they are not such as man pretending to be female online, and people already obligated to other relationships. The anonymity and invisibly that was previously discussed is exposed, and dispels the online disinhibition. I have found this show to be relevant because of the growing social network in online dating, according to Pew Internet 41 percent of social networking consist of finding a potential
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