Online Education Advantages And Disadvantages

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Today, the world has become a digital information age. Humans do lots of things through electronic devices with the internet, including sending e-mails, surfing the internet, and online shopping. Many middle and high school students who live in South Korea study some subjects via online courses. Online learning is becoming a way, which many people are obtaining their degrees. Although there are some advantages of pursuing an online degree; online courses save costs and time and provide many options, the disadvantages surpass the advantages; online education programs have restricted communications with faculty, have limited practical learning, and have low reliability to employers. By using electronic devices with the internet, such as laptop and smart phone, taking online courses is convenient and easy to access. Students who take online courses for their degrees can keep their money and time since they do not need to take public transportations, like bus and subway, and they do not have to drive cars. Moreover, thanks to cheap tuition for online courses, they can save their money. In an article about online degrees, the author mentioned "The Florida Legislature has directed the University of Florida to start fully online bachelor’s degree programs and set the price for residents at three-quarters of the campus in-state tuition, or about $4,700" (Lewin, 2013). Furthermore, students who live in a small town or rural area without many colleges or universities may have limited
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