Three Rules Of Netiquette

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Three rules of Netiquette Netiquette is a combination of the words network and etiquette, and is defined as a set of rules for acceptable online behavior. (Anon., 2012) Similarly, online ethics focuses on the acceptable use of online resources in an online social environment. Both phrases are frequently interchanged and are often combined with the concept of a ’netizen’ which itself is a contraction of the words internet and citizen and refers to both a person who uses the internet to participate in society, and an individual who has accepted the responsibility of using the internet in productive and socially responsible ways. So, we are going to explain three rules of netiquette.
1-Respect people's privacy.
Depending on your knowledge in
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So, in general, the companies sometimes identified as OSPs (in this usage) offer a wide online array of services of their own apart from the remnant of the Internet and sometimes their own version of a Web browser. Also Connecting to the Internet over an OSP is an alternate to connecting through one of the national Internet service providers, like AT&T or MCI, or a regional or local ISP.
• America Online has used the term to indicate to online content providers (usually Web sites) with which AOL has a business agreement. (Margaret Rouse) The purpose of the website
As outcome of survey to choose the main and the first purpose of a Website the participants choose two aims which are the highest. The first purpose is the information to customer and future clients by (30%) supportive and market the company or organization. These two aims collected for more than the combined (see the graph). That tell us the Website is considered as basic a means of communication, first to educate and second to
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My recommended because google chrome there are some different justifications that’s will help to explore all the properties and features. Qatar Airways focus on design to convince customers and show all services to make them satisfied. These are some of the features that will achieve this. First justification is incredibly speedy loading, speedy loading to website and that is reversion to the proxy for google chrome the component for the JavaScript. Secondly, fast searching. Google chrome supply to users to search quick from web address. Thirdly, suppleness. Google chrome browser’s windows poor and simply, windows choices and access method are clear and easy in the seam way the high quality. Finally, security. Chrome is intended to be more secure on the web with implicit malware and phishing protection, auto updates to ensure the program is gradual with the most recent security upgrades, and significantly

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