Online Gaming Addiction

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Online Gaming Addiction According to Hussian et al. (2009). Computer gaming addiction is positively correlated with achievement motivation, sensation-seeking, a positive evaluation of one’s intelligence, and a negative evaluation of one’s skills in interpersonal relationships. Zheng et al. (2006) added that individuals with a gaming addiction may use MMORPGs to alleviate negative feelings and moods.

Theoretical Framework of the Study
The researchers anchored their study on “The Theory of Intrinsic Motivation” is the incentive to undertake an activity based on the expected enjoyment of the activity itself, rather than external beliefs than might result. His theory suggests that intrinsic motivation in an instructional gaming context is comprised
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A system can be said to consist of four things; First is object; the parts, elements, or variables within the system. These may be physical or abstract orboth, depending on the nature of the system. Second, a system consists of attributes; the qualities or properties of the system and its objects. Third, a system had internal relationships among its object. Fourth, systems exist in an environment. A system, then, is a set of things that affect one another within an environment and form a larger pattern that is different from any of the parts. Based on the information gathered from the Sweden’s official gaming website (2009) the market for computer and video games has grown and continues to grow at an accelerating pace within the Scandinavian regions, including Sweden. Gaming has become a massive industry. Over the past three years, this growth has been seen to reach and surpass 3 billion SEK (which roughly approximate 375 million USD). Ven in light of the recent recession the gaming industry has held on strong with an increasing volume of game sales in…show more content…
It is tending to help to measure the level of addiction that researcher wants to identify. In relation to this study the researchers want to know if the female adolescent is influence by the people around them to play online games.

Conceptual Framework The conceptual framework of the study consist of the input, process and output that will guide researchers in identifyingpsychological dependence aspects into withdrawal symptoms offemale online game players in Binangonan Catholic College. The first frame presentsthe input of the study which contains the demographic profile of respondents in terms of age, parent’s monthly income, parent’s occupation, and average of hours played per week, online games commonly played and the average grade last year. The second frame presents the process of the study which is the distribution and administering questionnaire-checklist, tallying and analysis and interpretation of data of the psychological dependence of the female junior high school students of Binangonan Catholic
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