Online Learning Pros And Cons

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Education is giving an opportunity given to individuals for a chance to be educated and secure personal future. If education is reflected as such then nothing has changed, but if given more thought on the issue there have been changes in the approaches and techniques used. One of these approaches is online learning. The introduction of online learning is evidently the greatest change in education system; however every change has its own advantages and disadvantages. So the major concern is, is online learning the next assured step or venture in the education system? Thus, this essay will closely look at the pros and cons of both the dispute and encouragement of online learning.

To begin with, large number of students sign up for online education,
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There won’t be anyone to keep warning you - if you do not follow a strict routine, your grades and learning will suffer.
Consequently, students being unable to cope with the online workload restrain from enrolling into online courses.

At this point it may seem like online learning is to be discouraged almost everywhere. However, though there are several disadvantages of online learning, it also has an enormous amount of advantages which this essay will now discuss. Some of these advantages are that online learning is that: there is globalisation of information, it reduces cost and there is student equality.

Firstly, with a few limitations, the online education system is globalised. Now students can access a whole bunch of information and texts from anywhere in the world. No need to be actually on campus or even in the country. This is a major benefit for part-time students or the ones who are
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All the learning materials are online and there are no fixed classes, there is no need to travel to the institute. According to Aspillera(2010), “Students may be able to save money by not having to physically attend classes”. Together with this, textbooks will be available online. Aspillera(2010) also mentions “Some web-based classes may not require physical textbooks, as reading materials may be available either through the school 's own library or their partnerships with e-libraries and other digital publishers”. Thus with the low expense, online learning is highly anticipated by the
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