Online Learning Vs Traditional Learning

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In modern society, mankind 's progress is getting faster and faster. The achievements are due to the limitless pace of human communication. The Internet is a vivid example. People use the Internet as a fast medium to exchange ideas. Similarly, the online classroom has become a new way of communications in modern society. It is a convenient way that people make teaching video on the Internet, spread and learn from each other. But, is it really suitable for all students? Does it have its limitations compared to the traditional classroom? Undeniable, even traditional classrooms need to spend a lot of resources, traditional classrooms are still the mainstream of modern life. Although online learning in Internet development is very rapid now, online…show more content…
Both online learning and traditional learning have their strengths and weaknesses, but this is only the "present" state - in the future, the prospect of online learning will be better. Perhaps online learning will overcome its shortcomings, and the larger possibility is that online learning can have most of the advantages of traditional learning. Whether students help each other or teachers interact with students, online learning can hold on all the case. This is because online learning is based on network implementation, and it certainly has the convenience of network. Although there are the difficulties in the development of online learning now, but the human is the animal that love “perfect” - online learning will face a more reasonable or more attractive design - that 's exactly what the researchers want to do(Evans,…show more content…
Through the above discussion, it is easy to find that the speed advantage of online learning is very large, but its disadvantages are also very obvious now. Its shortcoming is that students will be less focused on online learning in their studies than in traditional classrooms. In other words, there is plenty of promoting room on online course. Incontestable, the traditional classroom is still main style and won 't disappear quickly, because classroom is not only a place for students to learn knowledge, but also provides opportunities for students to communicate with each other. However, it is clear that the expansion of classroom forms by the speed of the network will not be compressed into the dead corner. The advantages of online classroom must make online learning become mainstream in the future. Maybe the online courses even have most advantages of traditional classroom in the future. The form of online classes may change, but it will never go away.

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