Online Payment Gateway System Case Study

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Introduction of Online Payment Gateway System
Online payment Gateway System is a software program integrated to a merchant’s website to transmit transaction data to credit card, net banking, cash card and mobile payment. As business grow and expand their operation, the need to offer online payment mechanism become imminent.
It includes whatever there are sufficient funds available, the details all matched correctly and any fraudulent activity. In order to check the details, the Payment Gateway will communicate with the Card Schemes and Issuing Banks. And then the report back with its findings and relevant transaction response.

Credit cards are the most common and popular choice of the various categories of payment mechanisms, and are also
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These include names like Paypal, WebMoney and others. Let us describe the model of an Electronic Transfer company. First of all, they have a well-structured and well-organized network that allows for efficient emailing of payments; they also accept credit cards and other types of electronic payments; an organized linkage of buyers and sellers, and a secure model that allows smooth conduct of business.

Information about company and business
Resorts World Sdn Bhd, a private company limited by shares, was incorporated on 7 May 1980 under the Companies Act 1965. Upon conversion into a public company in 1989, its name was changed to Resorts World Bhd, and subsequently Genting Malaysia Berhad .

In 1989, Genting Berhad and Genting Malaysia underwent a restructuring exercise, which resulted in Genting Malaysia acquiring from Genting Berhad its entire gaming, hotel and resort-related operations, inclusive of goodwill and other relevant assets. GENM’s shares have been traded on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia since its listing on 22 December
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It provide a Secure Trading payment gateway so that it could run faster, affordable and reliable when online payment is processing. It will encrypt all your credit and debit data and sure that it can’t be read by anyone .This system is sit between your website and bank. Online payment gateway system is security and reliability, it could reduce abandoned carts so that the online payments are always maximize. Online payment gateway system can handle multiple payment options. It can check and see every transaction within seconds.

Online payment gateway system is a software program integrated to a merchant’s website to transmit transaction data to online payment. It will encrypt the data and sure that can’t be read by anyone. The system is sit between website and bank. It is easy to use and can see and check every transaction within seconds. Not only payment, some larger universities and organization will provide online payment system to help student pay their fee and management systems. It will also allow employee to transfer the small amount of credit to their

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