Online Shopping Advantages

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Nowadays, online shopping had become one of the essential and crucial parts in our daily environment. Therefore, it had become trend and also a phenomenon in many countries. Online shopping is a new trend that has been arising due to the internet advancement all over the world. Online shopping involves purchasing products or services over the internet. It is done through an online shop, e-shop, e-store, virtual store, web shop, internet shop or online store. All the products in online stores are described through text, with photos and with multimedia files (Fabiola, 2015). Business transactions through internet became popular among the citizens in Malaysia because of the potentially growing business for today’s market. Besides, the system of
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Due to many benefits of the online shopping can offered to the user, it had cause there are many people prefer to use this online shopping medium and increased a huge interest among the buyers and seller. Hence, the advantages of the online shopping is time consuming, save fuel, comparison in price and 24 hours and 7 days availability. The advantages can be as…show more content…
This things can attract the user because it will facilitate the user to find and identify the best price that online reseller can offered. At the same time, this will give the buyers the freedom plus opportunity to determine and make decision either to buy the certain product or services. Hence, the most important thing is some of the product and services are being sold cheaper rather the one be sold in the shop. This is because the product are often cheaper as the seller does not have the costs of running a shop This also will help the buyer to be a smart

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