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Nowadays, internet is an important service for most of the individual, organization or company. By using internet connection, company used online service such as online shopping. Online shopping is advertising and promoting the products or services of a business over Internet. Today, online shopping is popular with other people anywhere to buy product or service through website or emails were reach to the consumer and it is combined with e-commerce to enable the business transactions. In online shopping, company can promote the products and services through various way such as websites, blogs, email, social media, forums, and mobile Apps. Online Shopping is also called as Online marketing, Internet marketing, Web marketing and others.
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The main questions to be showed in this research are as follow:
a. Does the any relevant between consumers’ trust and online purchasing intentions? b. Does the relevant between familiarity and trust towards online shopping?
c. Does the relevant between brand and trust towards online shopping? d. What is the relationship between reputation and trust towards online shopping?
e. What is the relationship between website quality and trust towards online shopping?
f. What is the relationship between customer service and trust towards online shopping?
g. What is the relationship between independent variables (types of payment, experience in online purchase, Word-of-mouth, and website quality) and individuals’ trust in online purchase through online shopping?

1.7 Hypothesis of the study
H1: Familiarity has positive influence to the consumer’s trust in the online
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They not only to buying products or services, but it also to collect product information. Todays, online business environment is now playing an important role in the whole relationship between online consumers and company. According to Kalakota and Whinston (1996), online shopping can be categorized into four sub-processes such as navigation, information searching, online transactions and customer interactions. However, consumer doesn’t evaluate every sub-process properly when they visit an online shop. It is a new form of purchasing whereby it allows customers to purchase products and services over the internet in their home or office without the need to visit the store. When consumers accept and use Internet for shopping, they are accepting and using technologies and innovation. Consumers can gain benefit from high standard online service quality compared with physical shop (Yang et al.,
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