Online Shopping Behaviour Essay

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Online Shopping Behaviour in the Digital Era
Recent study has shown an interest in indicating consumer motivations that affect the online shopping behavior. Definitely, it is developing a conceptual model that addresses consumer value perception for using online shopping versus the traditional shopping. A lot of data showed that such factors like good quality ,price, service and treat quality are completely impact perceived value and purchase intents in the offline and online network. Consideration of online and offline buyers can be classify to see how value is established in both ways. It is hitherto to recognize what factors influence online and offline shopping choice progression. The main subject of this research is to provide
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Online shopping is very convenient in recent years. Today the internet holds the considiration of the retail market. Millions and millions of people shop online. Online shopping has been shown to provide more satisfaction to modern consumers seeking convenience and speed ((Yu and Wu, 2007)). On the other hand, the buying product from the traditional market is continuing since years. Many customers shopping offline to try and feel the good and to meet up with friends and get some more comments about the products before purchasing. In this modern world customer 's trust depends upon the compatible ability to deliver good quality, satisfaction and value. Some for online , some go for offline shopping, and many go for both kind of shopping. Withal online shopping is easier and less price than the offline shopping. Consumer should decide the purchasing way for them which can best suit to their needs and wants and which can satisfy them. (Laing and Lai, 2000) said that the internet shopping is the third best and most popular activity over the internet after online shopping next comes the e-mail using, instant messaging and web browsing. Those are even more important than watching or entertaining online or getting any data or news, this is the two very common thought which comes to the people 's mind when considering the internet users do when they are online. The behavior of
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