Online Shopping Case Study

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. Shopping online by Lubna Saleh Al-Sultan Online shopping is a recent phenomenon Guy world markets in the field of buying and selling practiced by many people for different reasons. al sultan,l. (2013). online shopping. Arab scientific publishers.

E-commerce has evolved into the modern age and the number of research and practitioners has increase in E-commerce, as well as the development of retail sales and E-commerce. E-commerce is the process of buying and selling goods and services on the internet network and the internet is the best source to use this tool in this day and age with the increasing use of electronic commerce
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8. Always use a credit card to buy one online.

It is the most reliable sites including?
This section advised me know me in the search on the way of shopping online the right way.

The risks of online shopping
The perceived risk of buying online perceived risk. - Ahmed.> ...> Ahmed Kurd and Marketing

The perceived risk of buying online perceived risk. ... Him in the adoption of new products decisions as is the case in online shopping technology, has exposed ... where the consumer decision-making when purchasing a set of risks ...

There are several risks to online shopping and even avoid it these risks there are several important tips and also to prevent it from falling into fraud and mail operations Nasaih the most important:

1-Cleaning Units before shopping. 2-needed safe and make certain that the ideal of personal computer shopping and not from personal phone.

3-needed record access in many locations and not use a password of your real.

4. Beware of shopping via the Wi-Fi Protected third parties because the possibility of leaking data.
5-needed, use a credit
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My project “online shopping” discusses about the payment options for online shopping and how to reduce the risks from online shopping. I collected information related to my topic from the internet .I searched for the information from internet .I made questionnaire. My questionnaire had many types of questions. The question were yes/no , opinion and multiple choice questions . I did survey in Muscat. I gave the questionnaire to twenty students of me university. I collected the questionnaire and analyzed, and consolidated the data. I used bar charts to analyze to data.

Results and discussions

This graph is about opinion of students regarding like online shopping . In this graph there are 17%of students like online shopping. And 3% of students they don’t like online shopping.

This graph is about opinion of student regarding online shopping is reduces the time . In this graph there are 18% of students said online shopping is reduces the time. And 2% said online shopping is waste the

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