Online Shopping Disadvantages

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Along with the ease of being able to shop online and pay for the goods electronically with phones there are several risks attached with it too. In the current era of fast networking and with so much being done on the internet in various fields, especially the transfer of information which has never been so rapid. The way how shopping was done has also changed dramatically in the more advanced societies. Unlike the conventional methods of going to a shop people now prefer the ease of being able to shop directly from their homes which is time-effective and also allows choosing from a huge variety of goods. With the introduction of smartphones orders can now be placed directly from the phones and also payments via credit card can be processed. However this is not completely without its cons which must be taken into account. Shopping online has been made far easier than it was before. You can buy in from quite a large number of retailers and have great comparisons been given on the prices of the items on sites such as Amazon and Ebay. This would have been near about impossible to do if you had to visit each shop of different brands to make the same comparison. (Housley, 2011) Sometimes customers due to their busy hours would find it difficult to visit the shop at times when it is open. This however changes with the introduction of mobile apps that allows them to order from their phones at any time they want. The suppliers system would record the order and would send a

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