Risk Of Online Shopping Essay

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Online shopping is growing every day. There are many benefits of online shopping such as time savings, access from anywhere, convenience, 24-hour availability, variety of products, various options available to compare products and brands. Beside the benefits of online shopping the consumer feels different kind of perceived risk factors and psychological factors are involved in online shopping. The perceived risk could be financial loss, product performance risk, delivery risk, and psychological factors such as trust and safety and website design. These perceived risk and psychological factors also determine the behavior of consumers towards online shopping. Therefore, this study focuses on online shopping factors that affect consumer behavior towards online shopping. There are many
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The author of this study adopted a quantitative method and distributed questionnaires between Uppsala University students and the general public by visiting the University library. A population of 100 respondents has been chosen to compile the empirical data. After reviewing and analyzing empirical data, study results revealed that website design is the most influential factor when respondents shop online. Rest factors, such as trust and security, and product performance risk also have a significant effect on consumer behavior toward online shopping. Financial risk and delivery risk have no significant influence on consumers ' attitudes towards online shopping.
The invention of the Internet has changed the way companies develop around the world (Adnan, 2014). The use of the Internet and e-commerce has been growing rapidly since the last decade (Yörük et al., 2011). Through the internet with a few mouse clicks, people can connect with friends and family from a distance (Khalil, 2014). People use the Internet for many reasons, such as looking for product information, pricing and quality, choosing services and transferring payments (Moshref et al., 2012).
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