Impact Of Online Shopping

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The Impact of Online Shopping on Retail Marketing and Sales



For retailers, one of the main concerns at in the modern era is in the continued development of online channels of marketing and sales. Online retailing is becoming more attractive for many businesses as more consumers show preference for its convenience. However, brick-and-mortar retailing remains common. It is impossible for retailers to overlook the significance of the internet in influencing their operations. Some analysts have states that it is difficult to tell apart online shopping from in-store retailing because virtual marketing campaigns have often attracted foot-traffic into physical stores. Further, some stores sell their products online, but the customers have to visit a store to pick such product; blurring the distinction between the two forms of shopping (Hortaçsu, 2015). This work highlights the rise of online shopping, and how it has impacted the retail industry.
Online retailing is one of the emerging trends in the industry; many retailers are trying to adapt. The main reason for this development has been the easy access to the internet, and the fact that most people use smartphones; the latter being the most significant factor. For some time now, internet has been accessible to most
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Retailers can put up websites to sell their products; available at all times to consumers. It takes a lot of effort to “foot-traffic” to stores to purchase products. Online-shopping avoids this step. Customers can compare prices, products, and reviews before making a purchases; benefits not available at brick-and-mortar stores. Many retailers, such as L.L. Bean are now offering free shipping to customers for products purchased at their stores. Many retailers that do not offer free delivery allow customers to make online purchases, but have to pick up the products at a
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