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20.Bhumika Pahwa (NOV,2015) A REVIEW OF CONSUMER ONLINE BUYING BEHAVIOUR concludes in the study of consumer behavior, analyzing consumer behavior is important for the market as it helps the retailers and sellers to decide the marketing strategies for the products that are being launched. The study of m-commerce is still confined to its growth factors, suppressants, advantages and limitations. Consumer buying behavior when they use e-commerce exist but not specifically towards fashion and personal care industry, and also the researcher found that study of consumer behavior towards m-commerce is also missing. Studies regarding m-commerce discuss the factors that affect the m-commerce growth viz. Ease affordability and availability along with…show more content…
The overall results prove that the respondents have perceived online shopping in a positive manner. This clearly justifies the project growth of online shopping . The frequency of online shopping is relatively less in the country. Online shopping organizations can apply the relevant variables and factors, identified from the research , to create their strategies and tactics. The organizations can prioritize the consumer inherent and unequivocal requirements in online shopping environment. The results can also be used by various organizations to identify their target customer…show more content…
Mainly there are three variable in their study those affects the consumer to purchase online or to go offline. Those are the accessibility features of the shopping sites, the type of the products and their characteristic, and the actual price of the product. The study revealed that the accessibility and the convenience of the shopping sites create the intention in the customer to purchase or not. When there are difficulty faced by a consumer to purchase online then the customer switch to the offline shopping for the purchase behavior and the consumer face difficulty in offline purchasing then they go to the online purchasing. After relating both the medium of shopping the consumer said that the online shopping is more convenient for them and gives more satisfaction which inspires the consumer to purchase online in the

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