Online Shopping Methodology

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4. The Research Methodology
Data Collection Method
This study was conducted using primary and secondary data. Secondary data were used to explore the motivating factors affecting consumer’s satisfaction towards online shopping. Sources were from the literature review of articles, journals and different websites. Afterwards, the author summarized all these motivating factors as listed below in a questionnaire form to be used for primary data collection to investigate among respondents with online shopping experience.
1. Online shopping is time-saving because you can purchase products or services after a few mouse clicks on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone/cellphone.
2. Online shopping saves energy because it requires less effort than going to traditional stores.
3. Online shopping saves money because it offers better deals and products at reasonable prices without spending extra for transportation, fuel or eating out.
4. Online shopping is convenient as you can shop 24/7 according to your own convenience
5. Comparison of prices is easy with online shopping
6. Selection of goods, products, brands is very broad in
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Section A of the questionnaire focused on the demographic background and personal information of the respondent and section B consisted of relevant questions regarding online shopping. These questions where adapted from previous surveys conducted for the same scope of study but modified to be more specific and relevant. Multiple choice questions were used to answer demographic questions and relevant questions regarding online shopping. Likert scale questions and ranking method were applied to major research questions in the questionnaire in order to know the level to which respondents are satisfied based on actual experience and personal preferences toward online shopping. There were 18 questions in the questionnaire. A paper-based questionnaire survey was conducted
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