Problems Of Online Shopping Essay

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This report describes the problems faced by customers while shopping online. Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce where people are able to buy goods or services over the internet. Online shopping has become very popular from when it first started in 1994. As much as it is a convenient way to shop, there are several issues that customers face such as quality issues, delivery and logistics, digital payment failures, additional charges, unclear return and guarantee policies, lack of security and so on. In this report I have conducted an online questionnaire regarding the issues faced by customers while shopping online.

Introduction: Online shopping is basically the buying of goods and/or services over the internet. Online shopping began
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they are totally at loss then. 3.Delay in delivery of products Companies located at far of distance tends to more delivery time. This is another feature due to which customer are not satisfied with online shopping. 4.Sometimes customer failed to receive the product Federal law (the Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule) requires retailers that process orders by mail, telephone, or the Internet to deliver items within 30 days. If you have not received your order within that time frame, you have the right to a full refund of the purchase price. Likewise, retailers are required by law to explain your right to a full refund for undelivered goods. Likewise, the Fair Credit Billing Act protects you from being billed for items that are not delivered, but nevertheless charged to your credit card. If the online vendor is unwilling or unable to help you, or denies your claim that the item was never delivered, you may write to your credit card issuer 's billing inquiries department about the problem. Make sure you send it within 60 days after the bill with the errant charge (specifically, the charge for an item not received) was sent. 5. Concerns When Buying from Foreign

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