Online Shopping System Case Study

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Introduction of online shopping system
Tesco Company is launched since 2002; Tesco has opened many stores across Peninsular Malaysia. Tesco recently opened two new stores. In total, Tesco stores in Malaysia have a combined floor space of over 4 million square feet. With the influence of the internet increasing, two thirds of Malaysians have access to the internet. Following the launch of grocery home shopping in 2013, Tesco grew their grocery home shopping business in its first year of operation in the country. Tesco offer a wide range of 4,000 own brand products – 90% of which are sourced in Malaysia. They include Tesco Value, Choice and Finest, as well as specialist ranges such as a Lighter Choices.
Online shopping system is a system which
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Nowadays, most of the users will consume less amount of the time through shopping online more than come out and visiting the outlet directly. All the transactions will be more care by the system in all of the time. The data will be storing it easily. All the information of database will be stored in the database and it will be evade any error. The online shopping system was easy to use and friendly for the user. Online shopping system is the way for creating a common purpose of e-commerce store remained the product as stationary can be bought from the relaxation to home through the online. However, for execution purposes, a piece of paper will be the transaction with on online shopping for…show more content…
Online shopping system make customers feel more convenient and comfortable. Also, customers no need to lie up to make payment if they are using online shopping application to purchase the item they want. Customer can make their purchase at anytime and anywhere by using their smartphone, laptop or computer. For example, customers who just only want to buy a hair shampoo no need travel so far from their house to shopping center to make a purchase and they only need to serve internet for online shopping. As a result, online shopping system help customer to save petrol fees and make customers feel more convenient and comfortable. Moreover, online shopping system can offer home delivery free of charge. The customers can save their cost by not taking a ride to shopping centre to buy their products. For example, a customer can surf the internet to buy his favorable products without going out and just waiting the products reached at home. The customers also can save their time efficiently to shop in internet website and stay at home for waiting their products arrived. For example, a customer can search his online shopping website to decide what he wants to buy at his own comfortable house without step out of the door rather than buy at the shopping centre by standing to choose what he wants to buy. After that, objective of online shopping system is a great way to compare

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