Online Shopping Vs Traditional Shopping

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Shopping is more efficient when done online than first hand traditional shopping because online stores are more convenient. According to One Cent at a Time, a award winning finance blog, “Online stores do not close unless in rare cases where their websites are under maintenace”(Ten Reasons Online Shopping is Mostly Better Then Stores 1). Online stores are accessible to the consumer 24 hours a day. There is never a time when the consumer can go on to an online website, for example, Amazon or Ebay, and not be able to shop. The average customer works during the day for approximately 8 hours. After work consumers need to run errands, attend to family, eat food, shower, etc. Most people do not have enough time in their day to go to a store and shop. Marcia Kaplan states, “In the spring 2013 survey, 79 percent of teen females and 76 percent of males stated that they shopped online”(Teenage Online Shopping Trends 1). More than ¾ of teens, male and female, in the U.S shop online. The average teen is still in school, whether it is middle school, high school, or college. The average school day for middle school and high school is 7 hours. The time frame of an average school day for middle school and high school tends to be 7:30am to 2:30pm. This is excluding extracurricular activities including sports and recreation, which can add an extra hour or two to the day.College is more flexible for students, but most students have to pay for college, which results in them having to work
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