Online Shopping Vs Traditional Shopping

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As far as people have been concerned on buying things, getting wants and necessities, these have been achieved by a short commute or a stroll to the nearest store; whether this is an outlet, a department store, or a mall with a lot of accessible shops. With the advent of the internet, opportunities have risen, more attainable goals became possible, and the ingenuity of the human mind continues to improve this, especially in the field of commerce.

Online shopping has been considered a great success on selling products to the consumers, but will it be enough to replace traditional shopping? The researcher has studied the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping compared to traditional shopping. The researcher conducted surveys among the students of Xavier University to determine if the results would agree with the information the researcher has gathered through research found in multiple reliable sources.

This paper aims to fully understand the preferences of Xavier University students when it comes to their shopping habits. This is to prove with sources and survey results that online shops are more efficient to Xavier University students compared to boutiques, department stores and malls. II. THE QUALITIES OF AN ONLINE SHOP According to tnvrstar the author of “Advantages and disadvantages of online shopping” from HubPages (, December 10, 2014) “Online shopping is one kind of E-business where a consumer can directly

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