Essay On Online Teaching

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What is online teaching? As the name suggest, it is learning through the internet. It is also a medium use by those that practices distance studies. One of the most popular medium that is developing is online learning, where internet-based courses offered can be taken by anyone. According to Sloan Consortium, online learning is growing fast and a statement about online learning quality is in the same level of the traditional learning was agreed by a majority of academic leaders. On the contrary, traditional teaching is the lecture and education process that takes place in a classroom. Traditional teaching involves direct interaction between teachers and student and among students themselves. However the difference between online teaching and traditional teaching are not that significant since they have the same fundamental which is to conduct learning. The differences between them can be seen in the cost spend by the students, the experience gained by the…show more content…
In online teaching, it is considered as convenient for both student and instructor in terms of the place where the teaching takes place. Since the learning is through internet, student can access to it wherever they are. This will save time as they don’t have to commute to the university or college. This is especially beneficial to those that have to travel far from home to campus. According to Arleen (2016), this of course, needs the student to be highly self-disciplined and take the initiative to go through the content by themselves. However, a problem may rise to the students that have problem to understand something by themselves, and need to refer to somebody. This can cause them to loose motivation when encounter a difficult subject. A freshman, that is new to higher education, may be prone to giving up and drop out when they face a difficult subject and they don’t know how to handle the
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