Only English Should Be Taught In The First Grade

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Flora Lewis once stated “Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things”. While some Americans believe that only English should be taught in first grade there are others who believe that other languages should also be taught with English in the first grade. French or Spanish should be the languages taught with English in the first grade. “In 2001, 26% of the average adult in America is multilingual. 55% of the multilinguals speak Spanish, 17% speak French, 10% speak German, 3% speak Italian, 2% speak Chinese and 13% speak other languages” (McComb para. 18). While most first graders are learning classes essential for child growth like English, math and reading, learning another language can also be essential for development and growth. Children who study a foreign language show better problem solving skills, enhanced special relations and heighted creativity. Students learning a second language also show having enhanced memory, planning and multitasking. Multilinguals use more of their brains than monolinguals and are more encouraged for flexible thinking and communication skills.…show more content…
While a person is young their mind is less rigid and more open to different ideas and ways of thinking. Young children will be able to speak a language with fluent-like proficiency because they can copy sounds better than an adult. Because adults are older and have a larger vocabulary it makes it harder for them to learn a new language. Adults also tend to be more opinionated, think in more complex ways and are less likely to want to learn a new language. “…Americans feel strongly that new arrivals in the United States should speak English. At the same time, Americans are much less likely to feel that the average American needs to speak a language other than English” (McComb para.
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