Only For Love Analysis

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“He talked about leading a good life, doing good things for the world. Yet even as he spoke... He imagined placing a city in the palm of his hand, making his into a fist, making the city into a happier place. Manipulation, that was the fun of it”

“Sorcerer-it had magic, it suggested certain powers, certain rare skills and aptitudes”

“She’d lost some weight, mostly at the hips”

“The secrets were his. He would never…and what was love without a little mystery”

“Only for love. Only to be loved”

“There was no enemy to shoot, nothing he could see, so he shot without aim and without any desire expect to make the terrible morning go away”

“Which was another trick: how he secretly kept the old stand-up mirror in his head…The mirror made things better”

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Symbol: With John gone, Kathy lost weight, symbolizing the loss of emotional baggage. John was putting much emotional stress on Kathy when he was around her.

Theme: In the novel, mystery causes increased interest and satisfaction among those it reaches. People are fascinated with John’s magic, similarly to how Kathy is very into John’s personality and secrets.

Characterization: John has a lifelong craving for love, something so powerful he went to war over it. It also inspires his magic and career in politics.

Connection: In I Die in a Combat Zone, O’Brien goes through a similar experience. He too wanted time to pass quickly, and did not want to become involved in anything crazy.

Symbol: The mirror is an escape for John. By going behind it, everything becomes right in Johns world. With it, nothing can be bad.
Motif: John will “slip” behind his mirror the rest of his life, and it shows up many more times in the book.

Theme: John’s father comes off as a great guy, but in reality he is alcoholic and abusive, reinforcing the theme that looks can be deceiving, in the people that present themselves the
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