Only Those Who Dare To Fail Persuasive Speech

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Failure is often viewed as some sort of horrific monster that must be escaped; it doesn’t have to be this way. Anytime we don’t achieve our goals it hurts; that’s just a simple truth, however oftentimes it is nearly impossible for us to separate the temporary heartbreak and despair from failure from something that is more permanent. Instead of letting the fear of a temporary setback take over we should look forward towards the future. Even though it is often nearly impossible to realize in the moment every failure brings a chance for growth and change.
Arguably, the most important part of moving on from the initial horrid feelings of failure is learning how to better manage and deal with them. If you never move on you will never be able to
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From every failure something can be gained, as Robert F. Kennedy stated “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”. You must not give in to the temporary pain; use it to make yourself even greater and then go back and try again. A lesson can be gleaned from even the strangest circumstances of failure, take the Emu War for example. During the late 1920’s and early 30’s flocks of emus numbering in the tens of thousands descended upon the farmland of Western Australia. The situation became so dire that in the Spring of 1932 several men from the Royal Australian Artillery armed with Lewis automatic machine guns were sent in an attempt to cull the beasts. The soldiers lost. The amount of bullets being used to take down a relatively small number of emus lead to the short lived operation being called off. From this the Australian government learned that emus weren 't quite the mindless creatures they thought them to be, almost taking on guerilla tactics by scattering anytime the men drew near. If the Australian military was able to learn from and move on from a failure as humiliating as this I truly believe that anyone else can do the
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