Onondaga Myth: The Earth On Turtle's Back

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The Native American origin myth "The Earth on Turtle's Back", retold by Michael Cuduto and Joseph Bruchac, displays how connected the Onondaga individuals are with the spiritual world and their inner self. They rely deeply on their instincts and thoughts related to them to lead them to make important decisions within their lives about the future. their culture has many compelling attributes as well as a strict cultural system and ritualistic bahaviors. The Onondaga individuals adhere to a lifestyle that creates happiness on a level that far surpasses what we, in the modern age, see as acceptable. The individuals who adhere to the Onondaga philosophies and evolutional myths have a respect for animals that is almost unseen in the modern world.…show more content…
As a culture, they practive animism and use the philosophies associeted with the practice; everything has a spirit and everything has a voice, an immense amount of respect is placed on every being. They also feel a strong connection to the spirital and physical worlds, the line of distinction is blurred. "I am sad that you had this dream. It is clearly a dream of great power and, as is our way, when one has such a powerful dream we must do all that we can to make it true" (Michael Cuduto and Joseph Bruchac 22). Every aspect of their lives has a reason for occuring or existing, there is always sense of a situation. It seems that in modern times, the belief in more than the physical evidence is dearth. The Onondaga people's entire belief system is based on the spiritual world, that alone is enought to encite interest. The Onondaga people, individuals who adhere to a belief system that is more than physical and extremely powerful, have many rituals that seem interesting to vast demographics. The respect that they have for every single living being substantially surpasses anything that is seen in the modern age. Also, they place all of their faith on a spiritual awakening that they see as monumental and extremely beneficial. Overall, the Onondaga individuals live a much more rich and fulfilling life than any amount of economic wealth that a majority of the population feels during the modern

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