Op-Ed: Make Tech Companies Pay You For Your Data

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Imagine little tiny people in your phone. They look at your screen 24/7 and help put more things on the screen that they believe would interest you. Sounds harmless right? Well while there are no people IN your phone monitoring it, there are millions of people outside it watching it all the time. Author Andrew Yang recognizes this In his article “ Op-Ed: Make tech companies pay you for your data”. This article uses credible companies , data from those companies and movements, and evokes the feeling of fear and guilt, in order to show people the danger of companies taking their data. This article uses credible companies and movements to show the readers the dangers of what these companies are doing.The author Andrew Yang talks about a certain act that is going to show people the problem with tech companies. “ If Congress and other states adopt legislation like the CCPA, millions more would be able to band together with even greater bargaining power to hold tech companies accountable” This is an example of the article using credible …show more content…

The author also gives the statistics for the money these companies are making off of our information and personal information. “Facebook is now worth $650 billion, with annual revenue of $70 billion. Google is worth nearly $1 trillion, with annual revenue of $160 billion. The business of these companies is primarily based on advertising directed at us, built on the backs of our data.” This quote is describing the costs of the companies that are making their money based on information collected on the user. This is an act of logistics because it uses the numbers and data of the companies. These multi-billion dollar companies did not just all of the sudden make that much, they started from somewhere. That somewhere was the people. They took the information and sold it to companies who paid them to advertise their

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