Opal Demons: A Short Story

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They come from nightmares. Not the nighttime variety, as a rule, but the ones that occur at any given moment. They come when you least expect them. The they I am referring is the Opal Demons. They feast upon negativity, and once they enough they will unleash utter death and destruction upon the world. Fortunately, this has not happened is thousands of years, until now… Tony was a normal boy in the small town of Derry, Ohio. He went to school, he had a day job everything was normal. Until one day. It was the fifteenth of June in 1982 when he got the news, and his whole world was turned upside down. His parents were involved in a major car crash where his father was declared dead at the scene, and for his mother she was in a coma. He was devastated. Tony woke with a start with the feeling that someone had punched him in the gut.…show more content…
When he finally made it to an available nurse he barley said in between breaths “Room...134...she...her heart monitor...stopped.” She heard this and immediately ran towards her room. Tony barely could keep up with her and heard her say “Doctors we have a situation in room 134 I need assistance right now!”They finally made it to the room and declared her dead at the spot. “No...No this can’t be happening!” Tony said starting to cry. “Tony” a man that he didn’t recognize said as he walked into the room. “My name is Dr. Moore I need to ask you a few questions if you’re up to it.” Tony thought for a second and finally answered “I’m ready. What do you need?” “I need” the doctor said very softly “you to tell me what happened when her heart monitor stopped.” They sat again in pure silence. Tony broke the silence “She was sitting straight up in her bed her eyes were black with yellow pupils she was talking in an extremely shrill voice” The doctor looked at him like he was crazy “Well…” he said no longer facing Tony “She’s awake…and we had to strap her down she’s gone completely
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