Open Adoption Vs Closed Adoption Essay

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Open Adoptions Requiring open adoption records benefits and positively impacts the birth parents, adoptive parents, and the children. Open adoption records will help the children by giving them a choice on whether to know their parents, as opposed to closed adoptions when the children could never know who or what their parents are like. Considering the birth parents have the right to tell their children or child why they had to give up a part of them, as for closed adoptions the birth parents will not be able to tell their children or child why they had to give them up. In addition, the health records would be a big factor to open adoptions with the result that the birth family could have different diseases, with references to closed adoptions they would not know about any diseases in the family. Open adoptions benefits and positively impacts everyone at hand.…show more content…
In all cases it should be the child or children choice whether to know their parents. For kids who have closed adoptions the adoptive parents and the birth parents will only stay in touch until the adoption is over. A lot of the time the children or child will not know about their birth parents until the age of 18, sometimes even longer. (“Open vs. Closed Adoption” 1). Open adoption can get rid of the anonymity of the adoption. Open adoption gives the adoptive parents better ways to answer the questions of the children or child. Open adoption also can help the children or child to get why they were adopted. This is because concerns can be confronted by everyone who was there for the adoption. Although the adoptive parents could feel threatened by the open adoption it will benefit the children or child by the truth, clearness and the responsibility of this process. (Castellucci
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