Andre Agassi's 'Open': An Analysis

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It can often be a challenge for a child to understand the reasons behind their parent’s behavior. We are born in different times, with different experiences in our bags that mould our future life and the decisions we make. When people from different generations meet disagreements will emerge and it can be difficult to understand and accept each other.
In his autobiography “Open” from 2009, Andre Agassi opens up about his childhood and his relationship with his family and especially his stern and shrill father. He has a hard time understanding is father’s mentality and behavior and therefore seeks the comfort his uncle provides.
“Open” is an autobiography by former American tennis player Andre Agassi. As in a classic autobiography, Andre Agassi
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“Why is Pops so mean?” He does not see the benefits of working hard and being paced, but only the pressure and the burden his shoulders cannot carry. This relationship between Andre and his father is very much dominated by the authority his father possesses. The father is strict and consistent, especially when it comes to training. He does not share much about himself and his childhood and it is only when Andre’s grandmother begins to tell stories that the father reminisces and opens up. Andre Agassi’s father is very much like his own mother. The grandmother’s strict way of parenting, along with the nagging and sometimes more aggressive and abusive forms of expressions, are something his father has brought with him in his own…show more content…
He does not get frustrated and scream at Andre if he does not understand his homework, but instead he waits and explains it once more until he understands it. “He likes it too. He likes to roughhouse, to be tackled and tickled by his nephews and nieces. […] It’s my father. Startled, he yells, steps back, then shoots out his fist. […] What the fuck is the matter with you? Go to your room.” As there is no place for fun and jokes around his father, his Uncle Isar’s presence seems to fill the empty space left by the coldness and bitterness of his father. The mother is like Uncle Isar described as calm and down to earth. There does not seem to be any similarities between her and her husband as there are completely different people. She never fights back and gets angry whenever there seems to be trouble. Instead she is the one that keeps the peace around the family and holds it all
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