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I would like to start by identifying the unique environment that is Korea and the opportunities here at Camp Humphreys. We will be the best at what we do. I want us to influence the behaviors and attitudes through out our Squads and Teams. Motivation is key, the discipline that we are charged to bestow within our ranks can be resolved with our vast experience in the Army. Our ethics and values will further change the lives of the Soldiers that we train, and mentor. Above all “mission first” needs to be our policy when accomplishing training needs making sure Soldiers are fit and ready to face unit challenges. We as professionals need to work as a team to ensure that we achieve the highest standards, don’t be afraid to ask questions and…show more content…
2. Open Door policy: I will always make myself available if you need to address any and all personal issues. You should always attempt to follow the NCO support channel when addressing "Open Door" issues. There will be NO repercussions for properly utilizing the Open Door policy! 3. Barracks: You will be expected to follow the barracks policy. A copy of this policy should be attached to the inside of your common area door leading to the hallway. As your Platoon Sergeant, I will do both announced and unannounced room inspections. This should be the standard in which your set for your Soldiers to follow. It is important to follow up on Squads and teams to maintain a high level of cleanliness and unit readiness. 4. Accountability: Ensure that you are in the proper place of duty for formations and shift. Keep leadership informed of your whereabouts and if you have to leave the USAG-Humphreys area make sure you have approved leave form or Pass. When leaving the barracks for anything other than going to work, you will sign out at the CQ

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