Open Door Policy Towards Refugees

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A refugee is defined as a person who has been forced to leave their country to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. Having an open-door policy in Canada means that Canada would admit refugees of all nationalities or ethnic groups who are being forced to flee their own country. Allowing refugees entrance into Canada is the only wise and reasonable response Canadians should have towards this crisis at the moment, because an open-door policy towards refugees will not only prevent history from repeating itself negatively, but it will allow people to finally treat refugees as equals to themselves.
If refugees are not given passage into Canada with an open-door policy, history will without a doubt repeat itself. In 1938, Canada denied refugees entrance,
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With the open-door policy, Canada will prevent history from repeating itself negatively, and Canadians will finally treat refugees as equals to themselves. It is essential that Canada starts to recognize that the worth of these refugee lives is not inferior to the worth of anyone else’s lives. The mindset that generates the response of society to the deaths of many compared to the deaths of few needs to be broken. And as a result, Canada will treat refugees as they treat Canadians. As the evidence shows, history is already starting to repeat itself, shown by the similarities between Hitler before World War II and Donald Trump now, and Canada has to stop this happening before it is too late. Canada cannot let itself make the same mistake it made in 1938 when it sent 907 lives to their cruel death in the Holocaust. Without a doubt, Canada should have an open-door policy towards refugees, to stop this global dilemma. The evidence has clearly proven this. The world should be driven at this time to connect individuals and countries to at long last conclude the world crisis that has lasted for far too
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