Open Heart Surgery Research Paper

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Around 610,000 people each year in the United States die from a heart related problem, that is 1 in every 4 deaths ( Over the past 15 years, researchers and doctors have been finding ways to lower these numbers by creating new medicine, devices and other treatments. A doctor 's main goal is to prevent any heart problems from occurring, but as that is not entirely possible new devices are helping save people 's lives. Three devices and treatments that are being used in hospitals today include, Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement, Left Ventricle Assist Device and a MitraClip. These treatments and devices are making a huge impact on how heart problems are being treated in hospitals to save people 's hearts and lives. With…show more content…
When people find out they have a major heart problem, the biggest question is what surgery will benefit them the most. Due to open heart surgery being very risky, many patients can be too old, or too sick for it. In earlier years if that happened doctors would put them on medicine to see if that helped but with today 's new technology and doctors learning how to use new devices there’s options for everyone. A MitraClip is another device saving people who aren 't capable of having open heart surgery. MitraClip was made to help people who have mitral valve regurgitation, this is when blood begins flowing backwards through the mitral valve. This procedure is not as invasive as the normal treatment for mitral valve regurgitation and allows the patient to heal faster. This procedure consists of, clipping the mitral valve leaflets together instead of being sutured, like they would be in open heart surgery. This procedure like the TAVR is performed through a catheter inserted through the femoral vein. Open heart surgery is still the preferred treatment for mitral valve regurgitation but this procedure is very important to people who were denied the invasive surgery. It is saving patients who would have normally died due to not being suitable for the regular open heart
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