Open Window Deception

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The short story Open Window is a story that uses deception from the characters to set a viewpoint of the main character, and with this deception it changes how the whole story is read by the reader. Deception is the act of tricking someone into believing something that may not be completely true, as the little girl does in the short story. The young girl is the main antagonist of deception in the short story of "Open Window" by tricking the visitor. The stories whole theme is based around deceiving a visitor, a man who knows nothing of the area and little to nothing of anything from these parts. The girls starts the theme of deception in the story by abusing a man who knows nothing of the area. At last when the men return he seems to be seeing ghosts and runs from the house, and the girl deceives her family with a quick lie about his "fear" of dogs.
First, When the girl gets her answer and understands he has no idea about her family she starts the theme of deception with a well crafted lie. She explains how her mother is waiting for her husband and two sons who have been gone for three years and she always waits for them, when in reality they had left earlier that
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Clearly, the short story Open Window shows how deception can affect someone 's thoughts on the situation, and when this girl deceives a total stranger she can also deceive her own family. The art of deception is all about timing, a perfectly timed lie can lead someone on to believe something that isn 't true, and when you have the ability to connect two things together you can deceive even those you know like this little girl does. The fifteen year old girl and an unknowing mom are the main characters that set the theme of deception in the short story "Open Window" in the great development of the story. Nowadays deception is an everyday thing for most people and they have mastered this form of trickery, a great way to send people packing or keeping them around longer than they probably would
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