Opening Statement For The War Of 1812

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Dinner Debate: The War of 1812 Opening Statement We are having problems with the British which is causing us to suffer as a country. This is not fair. We, as Americans, believe in fairness, and we stand together, united, when the times get rough. The British should pay for their actions, but this is not the right time, we must be prepared first. Ergo, we will have a better chance of winning. We are not prepared, for our army is weak and small, and our Navy consists of six ships. We are getting attacked on the Frontier and we should deal with that first, because we have to protect our people. If we go into battle with these attack systems, we will get crushed by the British. We can wait until we are prepared for war, so the British will panic …show more content…

They have interfered with our trading by blockading our ports, stopped our country from making money, impressed our soldiers, and taken our ships and have taken our men. But, it is not the right time to strike. We must wait for war and find a way to get around our problems. We have to build ships for our navy. Currently, it takes 3-5 years to build a Navy ship, but we don't have THAT much time. Instead, we have to take the ships that we use to trade and retrofit them with military weapons. This way, we won't have to spend all that money on Navy ships. Oliver Perry has already started building his boats and making his own fleet, and I think we should follow his lead. We should also find a way to make peace with the Native Americans. We need to convince them that Britain is bad, because they have weapons and if we become friends with them, we could take their weapons and use them for our war. Even if this means giving them back some of their land, we need to protect our people because they are top priority right now. We will lose this war if we do not wait until we are prepared. We have a small army that is in no shape to fight against the best military system in the world, and we have 6 SHIPS IN THE NAVY. That is definitely not enough ships to face a massive British Navy. The British will gain control of all of America and all our hard work, from fighting for our country,

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