Opening Themes In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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The closing chapter is as important as the opening chapter since the foreshadowing is answered, it defines the fate of the characters, the climax and resolution. There are different ways to close your chapter which are with an explicit ending, implicit ending, twist ending, tie-back ending, unresolved ending, long view ending. The author tries to make an emotional impact on the audience, leaving a message throughout the end of the story. “Of mice and Men” is a story written by John Steinbeck in 1937, in this novella Steinbeck create an emotional impact to his readers by executing a tragic tie back ending for his story; furthermore Steinbeck portrays several themes in his closing chapter such as the meaning of mercy killing, the symbolization…show more content…
The pose writer of this piece “Of Mice and Men” reproduces closure to his conclusive chapter doing exactly this, a tie back ending. As well as we were told on the first chapter "Lennie if you jus' happen to get in trouble like you always done before, I want you to come right here an' hide in the brush… Hide in the brush till I come for you" just here Lennie is during this last chapter, he got on a misfortuned accident. Throughout the story Lennie is represented as a clumsy strong man who doesn't recognize or even know about his strength, he often kills soft thing since he pets them way too hard, this action and conduct repeats at least four times during the novella. Lennie’s killing habit foreshadows the events of this penultimate chapter leading to the consequences of the last chapter. The last scene of Lennie and George displays their usual relationship Lennie committing mistakes and George being mad at him. Steinbeck portrays sadness on this scene exhibits their usual relationship, but this time one thing is different, since George is pretending to be angry at him, by being apprehensive. The task George is about to do is definitely a hard one so he decide to sweet talk Lennie about their dream of the ranch while he prepares himself mentally to commit this action. There is no doubt that this was something tough for George, here is where the concept…show more content…
They have limitations towards what concerns about their dream, having their very own ranch; which tragic and sad is how the writer of this so called novella portrays this final chapter using the dream so Lennie could have a happy defeat. Furthermore George accomplishes this hard task leading Lennie to a happy ending as he dies, which is a horrible, but noble thing to do in this tragedy and he knows it, but in his limited world it was the only thing he could do for his friend, kill him on a merciful way. "look acrost the river you can almost see." And as Lennie says, "Let's get that place now," George thinks that if he is able to reproduce a delighted and overjoyed final for his friend will make it some how okay, maybe is his guilt what makes him have this belief or maybe his noble aims; but he knows that this is an awful but correct thing to do to generate a greater good in this twisted world in which they live that can be well compared to reality. Their american dream stays as that just a dream, since the limitation of their a complex world make it to hard to be able to fulfil this goal. They did tryed but at the very end George accepted his fate as it is. Both George and Lennie tried as hard as they could to live a good and honorable life dealing with whatever the context around of them was, they help each other in their own way. George looked after
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