What Is The Importance Of Classroom Management In The Classroom

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A primary school teacher who is known as Jane teachers the primary five students this year. Its difficult for her to control the class. as the students do not pay attention during class and also do not complete their assignments or homework that are assignned by Jane. This situation will affect Jane's end of year peformance evaluation. Based on research, classroom management plays an essentially important role in conducting a proper lesson in appropriate classroom environment. Classroom management is the procedure of taking note that the classroom environment is appropriate for a lesson to take place regardless of any inappropriate behaviour of the students. This is also means to the avoidance of inappropriate behaviour of the students…show more content…
They refer to appropriate good behaviour such as paying attention in class and completing assignmenr or homework is assigned by the teacher. followed by, theres the inappropriqate behaviour.There are several inappropriate behaviours.To begin with, students eating during the lesson period. Followed by students talking or chatting along with their friends while lesson is going on. Lastly, students sleeping during the lesson period. Those inappropriate behaviour occurs because the way the lesson is being conducted or carried out by the teacher is not engaging or interesting which will bore the students durin lesson. Another reason would be that the environment of the classroom is very noisy or very distractive that students cant focus or pay attention. This will draw their attention to where the noise is coming from (Galagan, & Biech, 2010). Jane had chosen to use the operant conditioning on her current students as it was almost the end of year for evaluation. This operant conditioning was used to mold their behavior and hopefully improve it. Operant conditioning refers to a mode of learning which involves behaviour that influences particularly the outcomes that tailgates them. The outcomes of operant conditioning depends on factors such as enviroment, people invloved and so forth. Operant conditioning helps develop voluntary behaviour or adaptable behavior (Corey, 2013)…show more content…
An example would be in operant conditioning, it is easy to obtain appropriate behaviour and desired outcomes by using positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement or the other two remaining methods. On the other hand using the Bandura’s social learning theory, it is difficult to obtain the appropriate or desired outcome. As the Bandura’s social learning theory is based on observational. The observational refers to what an individual observes is what he or she obtains. The obtains might be appropriate or inappropriate desired outcomes (Saundra, Ciccarelli, Noland, white,

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