Operant Conditioning Vs Behaviorism Essay

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What is behaviorism? Behaviorism is theory of learning that relies on an observable behavior that are based on two different types of conditioning, one is the Classical Condition and the other is Behavioral Conditioning. In Classical Condition, also known as Pavlovian Conditioning, the theory is that the brain forms an automatic response through an association with a stimulus. Whereas in Operant Condition, a positive and negative reinforcement is used to create an association between opposing behaviors and the consequences for those behaviors. Though both are different in terms of conditioning, they each help us understand the way we learn and emotional response to certain subjects. The Classical Conditioning theory was first proposed…show more content…
Skinner demonstrated this idea with his "Skinner Box" experiment. The skinner box, as the name implies, is a closed box that contains a lever or buttons that an animal can push or pull in order to obtain reward (food in this case) as a type of reinforcement.
So, how does both Classical and Operant Conditioning translate to real world experiences? In Classical conditioning, the brain can be conditioned to perform a task or a response by providing a stimulus. For example, when little Albert goes the doctor and get his first vaccination shot. Little Albert start to cry because of the pain from the needle. Then, the next time he visits the doctor and sees a syringe, little Albert begins to cry. The crying from the first visit to doctor, which was little Alberts unconditioned response to pain, was produced by the syringe which in turn became the conditioned stimulus for the conditioned response of crying. In other words, little Albert cries at the sight of a syringe because he is associating it with
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