Operating System Advantages And Disadvantages

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Operating System Support for Mobile Applications Introduction: Operating System (OS) is a system software which manages computer hardware as well as computer Software. It is a source of communication between the computer user and hardware. It manipulates computer hardware, software, process and management. Operating system is not only used in computers but also used in mobiles, tablets, car etc. The operating systems that are used in computers (Linux, mac, windows) and smart phones are (Android, IOS and Blackberry). There are some types of Operating System Firstly; Batch OS users cannot directly interact with computers .They mostly prepared their job on an off-line device like punch cards. One of the problems with this system is that it doesn’t…show more content…
It has its roots in traditional software development. There is one major difference in web application and mobile application development is that mobile applications are just developed to take advantage of particular unique features of a mobile device. Some applications are already installed on smart phones during manufacturing. Every mobile device needs any type of OS that will be used to run its services like short message service, voice calls etc. In the earlier mobile OS the capabilities they supported were limited. An OS is very important to run any type of mobile application is to take benefits from any…show more content…
The number of apps in windows store is 500,000 and in Google Play store are 1.3 million. But in android there are also some malicious apps. If we compare the battery life of both OS Android has a highest battery demand for running Applications rather than windows phone because windows phone has least battery demand. The security of the windows phone is hardest to crack because it is proprietary OS and Android's security is easy to crack because it is an open source OS. Android use Google now voice assistance and it is easily accessible to users. It provides best results for web searches Windows phone use Cortana voice assistance which provide accurate result for queries that is location based. There vendor of Android OS is open handset alliance and windows phone OS is Microsoft. Android OS has user friendly graphical user interface while windows phone has live tiles graphical user interface and it gives us quick access to any application but it is not a user friendly interface. Android phone provides a lot of customizability. Android OS has also introduced biometric security for their smart phones while windows phone has not introduced this type of technology yet. Google maps are used by Android OS and Here map are used by Windows phone OS. Both OS can be used for offline mapping. But when we talk about which one is the best then

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