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The Operation I will be discussing is Afghanistan and the continuing operations within Afghanistan. More importantly how they are linked to Canada 's security. Furthermore, how the operations were key in meeting the Canadian Governments, Canadian First Defence Strategy(CFDS), which includes the 3 main roles which are to: The defence of Canada, contribute to continental security and to international peace and security. Included in the 3 main roles are Canada’s 6 main core Missions. The are: 1. Conduct National and continental Operations as a part of NORAD. 2. Provide support for major International events. 3. Respond to any terrorist attack. 4. Assist the civil authorities in event of a crisis. 5. Lead or conduct an international operation over a long period. 6. Deploy forces during a crisis for a short period. CONTEXT
On 7 October 2001, the United States and the United Kingdom launch Operation Enduring Freedom to dismantle the Al-Qaeda terrorist network in Afghanistan and to remove the Taliban regime from power. On the same day, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien announced that Canada would contribute air, land and sea forces to the international campaign against terrorism. Operation APOLLO, was the CAF contribution to the
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With the use of JIMP Framework, in Afghanistan it ensures multinational organizations outside of the military’s, such as NGO’s could work in conjunction. Lastly it was important that the Public a stokehold in what we were doing the, quarter reports were sent to the Canadian government highlighting our goals, achievements and general stats. This Framework was important as mentioned before, it allows all involved to be united in one common goal. Allowing outside agency in to conduct NGO actives and with open reports to the Canadian Government to ensure we were inline with the Governments
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