Operation Anaconda Case Study

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Operation Anaconda: Task Operation
SFC Angel L. MartinezFigueroa
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Operation Anaconda: Task Operation
Task Organization identified the organization of forces available, designing an operating force, to meet a unique task or mission. The task organization that was used under Operation Anaconda was an immediate response task force, with some difficulties at the early stages of the battle, but in order to build a great joint operation, the U.S. military refine the tasking procedures to accomplish the operation end state.
Identified the Resources and the Functional Components
There were over 15 organization involved in Operation Anaconda consisted on
1-87th Infantry Battalion (10th Mountain Division Element); 7-101 AVN (U.S. Army Helicopter Unit); 18th ASOG (Air Force organization that provides air to ground fire support to 10th Mountain Division and 101st Airborne); CENTCOM (Central Command MacDill AFB, FL); CAOC (Combined Air Operations Center / Prince Sultan Air Base (PSAB), Saudi Arabia); CFLCC (Combined Forces Land Component Commander Camp Doha Kuwait); CFLCC (FWD), Forward Combined Force Land Component Commander Forward / Uzbekistan and Bagram Airport, Afghanistan; JFSOCC (Joint Forces Special Operations
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government agencies; Black Special Operation Forces (SOF) had opposite urgencies and authority to request and receive support from a variety of the same assets that also supported CJTF Mountain operations, such as the AC-130s; Headquarters at Bagram was about 100 miles away and could only communicate with forces in the Shahi Kot valley by limited satellite

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